For Your Consideration

Well, not literally YOUR consideration…but somebodies consideration. The first award season ad for Brothers is out and Natalie is being given a push for Best Supporting Actress, even though she’s the lead.

On the topic of Brothers, The Wrap pours some cold water on the films Oscar chances.

Natalie Portman is steady as the wife left behind when her soldier husband goes missing and is presumed dead, but Tobey Maguire’s haunted, wild-eyed returning soldier is over-the-top.

For my money, the strongest (and subtlest) performance comes from Jake Gyllenhaal as the ex-con who finds a quiet redemption of sorts in his brother’s absence.

Oscar chances: Guild audiences have reportedly been welcoming, but early reviews are mixed and I’d be surprised if the film gets much traction in the awards race. Maguire and Gyllenhaal may have outside shots at nominations, though the strongest shot might rest with U2’s closing-credits song, “Winter,” which could probably use more of a hook and a chorus to survive the music branch’s nominating process.

Well, even if it doesn’t hit the very heights its nice that the film is at least part of the conversation.