Ebert And Phillips On Brothers

I’m gonna probably ease up on the reviews now and maybe just do a collective update tomorrow about them. But you can’t talk about reviews without mentioning The Don of the critic world, Roger Ebert. Like Berardinelli, Ebert also awarded Brothers 3 and a half stars.

As a mother who seeks to preserve her daughters in the middle, Portman is the emotional heart of the story, as mothers are for so many families.

And I’m also a fan of Michael Phillips, so let’s throw this sucker into the mix as well – another 3 and a half stars.

Along with Natalie Portman, an actress of grace, integrity and guts, they anchor a tightly packed melodrama. Sheridan, whose career peaks include “My Left Foot” and “In the Name of the Father,” orchestrates the tension and release with a sure hand. There’s just enough breathing room in this piece to make it work, and to make us realize we could be any one of these people.