The Others

With Brothers dominating the news, I thought I’ll do a multi update with smaller news items about some of Natalie’s other upcoming films.

Starting with Thor…

Jon Quesada is the editor-in-chief at Marvel, and had some really interesting things to say about Thor after attending at pre-production meeting with Kenneth Branagh.

If you’re a comics fan, you’ll have a preconceived notion of what you’re going to get. If you’re a non-comics fan, you’ll have another notion of what the movie is all about. And what’s really amazing is that both groups will walk away going, “I’ve never seen anything like this before within the super hero genre.” It’s so cool, and I don’t want to use the word unusual, but it is unusual in the sense that it redefines what a super hero movie can be.

I’m really glad to hear that it won’t be a paint-by-numbers Superhero film.

Now for Hesher…
The Envelope has a look at some of the films heading to Sundance, and gives an interesting little write up about Hesher.

Natalie Portman is exactly the kind of actress one wants to see in Park City: a prodigious talent who’s gone on to tent poles now returning to her indie dramatic roots. That Rainn Wilson and emerging star Joseph Gordon-Levitt round out the cast is only a nice bonus. They star in a story about a family that meets a possible shaman after suffering a tragedy, in what will be one of the most paparazzi-laden films playing in competition.

And ending with Your Highness…

If Hollywood wasn’t afraid of anything, do you have any truly batshit nutty ideas you’ve love to work on that are currently tucked away?

I feel like “Your Highness” is like that. It’s an idea that David and I had back in film school. The concept then was just, like, I’m a knight who gets stoned and kills dragons. We just finished shooting. They’re in editing now, and I look at the footage like: “I can’t believe a studio paid money for us to do this.” I think that’s quenched that thirst for right now.

God, its gonna be such a blast. Added to that, in this Brothers article Natalie mentions that she “kicks some serious ass in that movie”. Excellent.