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By December 10, 2009Nat-news

Kristina Anapau has been added to an already gorgeous cast. She hasn’t been in anything of note so this could be her big break.

Anapau, who also recently joined the cast of werewolf thriller “First Howl”, plays Russian dancer Galina, a soloist in the ballet company who’s fiercely competing with Portman’s character, Nina, for the lead role in Swan Lake.

While there are some more possible shooting locations from Location Vacations – Lafayette and White St in Manhattan.


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  • nephi says:

    Aronofsky hasn’t made a bad film yet IMO here’s hoping this will be another. One caveat though is that Natalie Portman always seems to catch great directors at their worse like Milos Foreman and Wong Kar Wai so fingers crossed her luck has changed.

    I am a bit worried about her preparation for this with working on Your Highness and press for Brothers taking time away.

  • dazza says:

    I agree on the first point. And the second. And mostly the third – one hope would be that at least she didn’t sign on very late. By all accounts she’s been preparing for the role for at least a year.

    I’m convinced Aronofsky will get what he wants out of her though. He doesn’t seem like a good who will accept a sub par performance.

  • rockla says:

    Natalie >>> Kristina

  • Ezra_Pound says:

    Dazza, are you aware of any upcoming appearances? I don’t think the UK Brothers premiere is until late January…

  • natpfan1 says:

    So many beautiful girls in this movie, how will we handle it? I’m really looking forward to see Black Swan, I’m pretty optimistic. Great cast, great director, interesting plot, etc.

    I disagree on My Blueberry Nights being a fail. Not his best but still very good. Moreover, Natalie and Rachel Weisz had great parts and both were amazing. Natalie was so different in it and I believed her when she was talking, moving,… And Rachel was hot!

  • dazza says:

    I would be surprised if she turns up overseas anytime soon.