Filmspotting Takes On Brothers

On the forums I’ve spoken about how, while there are plenty of Brothers dissenters in the critical community, all of the critics that I personally keep an eye on have unanimously given Brothers a thumbs up.

There were two guys who hadn’t given their take on the film yet – Adam and Matt from the podcast Filmspotting. It’s one of two podcasts that I simply have to make time for every week, but I thought that surely these two would break the streak.

Adam, as mentioned on the site before, doesn’t think much of Natalie’s acting abilities and both of them have recently mentioned how dreadful the film looks, based on the trailer.

Well, their latest podcast is up (along with a poll about Natalie, Jake and Tobey) and they review the film right at the top of the show.

If you’re lazy, I uploaded just the review and a little argument that the two have about Natalie later on in the show.