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By December 17, 2009Site-news

I want to do a new poll about the David O. Russell directing and writing ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’, which means that the semi finals of the Marie Claire pic battle will be up on the site next week.

Disappointingly, for me, the Robin Hood picture won with a comfortable 61.5% of the votes. You can see the semi finalists after the jump.

But for now…The David O. Russell Poll


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  • arf15beagle says:

    “David O. Who?” is winning? Umm, Three Kings anyone? That was a great movie.

  • spoonbat says:

    Well that’s the problem I have with him. It’s not that he isn’t talented. He is. It’s just I think he’s just ‘good’ and not on a genius level the way I’d put say Wes Anderson or Tarantino’s earlier films or Stanley Kubrick.

    I just find the guy really creepy. I’ve worked with bipolar/manic depressives in the past and it wasn’t so fun. One minute they’re buddy-buddy and the next they’re on ur ass.

    If he can control his temper, he may just crank out a good yarn.

    Hope he has his meds.