Premiere Quotes

Carlotto has been kind enough to translate the text from Natalie’s recent French Premiere Magazine appearance.

For the full text, which includes a hint that Natalie is possibly writing the adaptation A Tale Of Love And Darkness herself, after the jump.

MATHIEU CARRATIER: What is the question you are too often asked?
NATALIE PORTMAN: People always ask me if I am like the characters that I play. I can be sure that I’ll be asked that every time I make a movie.

What about the question people should ask you more often?
I don’t know… I think that I should start asking questions, listening to what other people have to say because I don’t have that many things to tell.

What should I do to become Natalie Portman when I’m grown-up?
I would advice you to remain true to yourself. Well, first of all you would need to have a sex change and to work on your accent. The rest is not very hard.

I’ll start with the accent, if you don’t mind.
Alright, come back when you’re done so that I give you the next steps.

About Hesher:
I just saw the first editing of the film and I am very proud of it.

About Black Swan:
It is a psychological thriller which takes place in the insane world of ballet dance. I may compare it to Rosemary’s Baby.

About moving on from Black Swan to Thor:
I hope I won’t have a cold shower after having spent two months in a sauna.

About independent films:
Nowadays, all the independent films flounder a lot. It’s terrible. We already had that kind of problems on Hesher, and it’s happening again with Black Swan: one day you have the money, the following day you haven’t, and so on. If only we could shoot peacefully, without being threaten all the time by that financial sword of Damoclès above our heads…

About romantic comedies:
Romantic comedies I am suggested are insane. Like, the heroine systematically need to have a job in the fashion business and get married before the movie ends… I don’t find it especially attractive. As for true comedies, they are usually concentrated on male characters. A lot of fascinating things happens nowadays with american comedies, for example with movies from Judd Apatow which I find marvellous, but the women that play in them are only foils for male characters. I want to shoot comedies provided my characters are interesting. Your Highness gave me this oppurtunity. It is one of the best experience of my career.

About the lack of good female roles in romantic comedies:
I think it is due to the lack of female directors. Yet the actresses exist: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Isla Fischer, Anna Faris, … It is the kind of situation where you are looking for something you can’t find and you reflect: « Well, I guess I’ll have to do it myself! » There are great female director, but they seem to be appealed by dramas: Sofia Coppola, Jane Campion, Susanne Bier, Lone Scherfig…

About being a director on New York, I Love You:
Directing is extremely hard. The respect I have for filmmakers just increased tenfold. I only had two days to shoot and the weather was awful. Of course my short takes place on the outside… It was tough but stimulating. I loved being in control.

About the film adaptation of the roman from Amos Oz:
I am trying to finish the script, but it takes time. I feel incredibly close to that story, even though it is not mine.