Xmas Eve Walk

By December 25, 2009Nat-news

Kitten found some new candid photos taken yesterday. Jebus, it looks cold.


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  • poppy says:

    nice to see Whiz again, but man it looks cold

  • rockla says:

    what’s with her painful looking face the whole time??
    and i <3 Whiz!!!

  • rex says:

    She does look cold but the guy next to her is not even wearing a jacket.

  • huc says:

    Is it me or did Whiz put on some holiday pounds? =P

  • clone says:

    first, i beleive the guy was posing for a picture, and the person taking the pictures was a freind of his, and then natalie tells them to piss off and leave her alone.

  • hefner431 says:

    apologies from me too you ! xmas eve is not a time too go walking to cold and my b-day. happy holiday! i am not hugh!

  • rockla says:

    according to the weather reports, it’s not that cold in NY. maybe Natalie was just trying to stay incognito.
    and again, Whiz is SOOOO cute!

  • natsbrat says:

    You know you have arrived at the top when you can hire a man to carry your scarf. Yeah baby. I know he can’t be with her romantically obviously, because he is not me. And that wouldn’t be right!

    How cute is Whiz, huh? Lovin’ that walk.