Clint Mansell

First Showing has an enthusiastic piece about Clint Mansell coming aboard to compose the score for Black Swan. It’s no real surprise, as Clint has scored all four of director Darren Aronofsky’s films.

Nevertheless, I’m absolutely thrilled. Clint is my favourite composer and he hasn’t quite gotten the kudos he deserves yet.

Here’s what Clint has to say about Black Swan…

“Well it’s all really embryonic at the moment, one of the main ideas we’ve got is building the entire score out of elements from Swan Lake. I mean it would have to be vastly screwed with, but that’s a starting point. Sometimes we’ve had ideas in the past and you put them into practice and they just suck, so we’ll see. Darren only just started shooting so for now it’s about doing the nuts and bolts really and providing him just what he needs to shoot with and in January I’ll start to mess around with some of the things we’ve talked about.”

Here are a couple of my favourite Clint pieces. Death Is The Road To Awe is from The Fountain and was re-purposed for the I Am Legend, Mist and Frost/Nixon trailers.

And here is the gorgeous and haunting Lux Aeterna from Requiem For A Dream. It’s been used in tons of things since then but most notably, it was used to seel LOTR: The Two Towers.