Down The Rabbit Hole

The non news item of the day was found by Kitten and its a nice example of how stories can unfold online. Let’s work backwards.

This blog says that Sony is looking to purchase the Swedish crime trilogy, Millennium. They say that Kristen Stewart is “listed to play the hacker”. But that Natalie and Ellen Page have said they are interested in the role.

They credit this LiveJournal, which reports the same thing. They in turn credit this Spanish blog.

The Spanish blog says it got its info from a Spanish site called Telecino. Now at the end of the line, or so I thought, I asked a Spanish friend to see where they got their information from.

They got it from…Slashfilm. Slashfilm were reporting on the project and quoted Anne Thompson’s original piece, where she SUGGESTS that those three actresses might make a good fit for the role.

Of course we posted that 3 weeks ago but its funny how a few weeks later it has turned from a pie in the sky suggestion to Kristen Stewart almost nailed in for the role and Natalie and Ellen “saying” they would like it.