Dancing Into Her Heart?

By January 6, 2010Nat-news

We’ve mentioned Benjamin Millepied, the dance choreographer for Black Swan, on the site before but I didn’t expect this. According to In Touch, by way of Just Jared, Natalie and Benjamin are dating.

“She has been subletting Sarah Michelle Gellar’s apartment and she wanted to celebrate the New Year with a few close friends and introduce them to Ben,” an insider tells In Touch. “They have actually been a couple since the fall, but she wanted to see how serious it was before she started to show him off to her inner circle. She really likes him.”



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  • viona says:

    what happened to the guy in halloween? let’s see.

  • rockla says:

    why do i dislike it when she is dating someone…
    yes i am selfish.

  • huc says:

    probably a bit exaggeration, but who knows.

    and let’s see how Clone reacts. =P

  • clone says:

    I dont beleive this story, since it’s only words from a magazine. anyone can make things up like this, cause I remember hearing in the year 2000 that nat and hayden were in a relationship, but it was revealed later that they were only acting. this guy looks to only do this for fun and to make things worse for natalie. I say to him, get lost moron.

  • rockla says:

    perez hilton just posted this story on his site… there goes their relative privacy…