Arts And Leisure Report

Dancegod was in attendance at the event yesterday and sent over this report, which ends with an interesting nugget of info.

I just got back from the NY Times event, and although it is not the first time I have met Ms. Portman, she has never been more stunning.I was planning on sending you a photo, but I am glad I didn’t take any.

I was in the front row, just 5 feet in front of Nat…they made a very forceful announcement about NO photos or recording of course….but I had my camera in my lap, intending to sneak a photo at some point…I decided against it though in order to be respectful…good thing…about 2/3rd of the way into the talk, Nat excused herself during the showing of one of her movie clips….we all assumed she needed a quick bathroom break, but a few moments after she left, the security team came a forcefully ejected a guy in the front row about 5 seats from me….it was obvious that Nat had been spooked, or more likely noticed him using his cell to tape her…she returned only after he was removed!

Her parents were in the house and she talked/referred to them often.
One interesting note I hadn’t heard….Nat said that Thor is going to be a 3 film commitment for her…a trilogy.