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You know the drill…

– Canadian presenter, Leah Miller, talks about interviewing Tobey and Natalie recently.

They’re such amazing actors. Natalie is such a beautiful girl and they were lovely and sweet. The interview was really great.

– It would seem that the guy who was ejected from the panel on Saturday was a stalker that Natalie has had problems with in the past. I wish I could say its a surprise but its really not.

Natalie Portman recognized a stalker of hers sitting in the front row. She exited the stage until security guards removed him.

– A new makeup product “inspired” by Natalie. Cynical attempt to cash in on her name, more like it.


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  • InNatsThrall says:

    Poor Natalie. Imagine living like that …worrying about some psycho attacking you. Fame has serious drawbacks.