Back in April we did an update about a vegan blogger that got to ask Natalie a question at the Apple store talk.

Well, they got to put some more questions to Natalie at last weekends panel discussion, and there were some interesting answers. Head over here for the full article and a nice photo from the event.

Do you make a connection between your Jewish faith and your vegan diet?

Absolutely! … There’s a reason why every major religion has food rules. Because three times a day, you’re forced to think about your morality and your ethics and what you believe in. And … the reason you eat what you do—even not religion, but just culturally, why you eat a cow and not a dog—represents something in who you are and how you think about things. …

I definitely think the center of Judaism for me is not taking life. … The most important rule in Judaism is that you can break any rule in order to save a life. So, if life is the center of everything, then not taking life three times a day and making that decision is very important.