Mega Tidbits

With Hesher news on the horizon, I want to try and tear through the bulk of the outstanding mini updates that have been found (mostly by Spoonbat) over the last few weeks.

– Jewish metal band (oy!) Yidcore gave a funny Natalie comment in this interview.

Do you have any parting words for Natalie Portman?
On our last album, we had a song “Natalie Portman, This Is Your Last Chance.” What can I say, she missed out. She’s too short for me anyway. And she was way hotter when she was 14 in Leon [released as The Professional in the U.S.]. Is that wrong?

– A wedding was designed around the inspiration from a pair of shoes from Natalie’s vegan line. Nice write up here and another post from a jealous blogger.

– A Natalie mention in this Christian Louboutin article.

– Natalie is a fan of Salvatore Ferragamo.

The edgy Natalie Portman was spotted patronizing the well-loved brand. She shows off her style with a short ink blue double breasted jacket with puffed sleeves from the Fall Winter 09 collection to the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival while promoting her film “Love and Other Impossible Pursuits.”

– And finally, a mention of Natalie wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo UGG boots while filming Black Swan.