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By January 19, 2010Nat-news have put out their 99 Most Desirable Women list for 2010. Natalie didn’t make the list last year but thanks to an Oscar appearance and Brothers getting released, she’s apparently done enough to remind men that she’s still around. Next year she’ll be top 12. Bank on it.

But where did she come this year? Click to find out.


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  • Nannina says:

    “Ask a woman her opinion on Natalie Portman and you will no doubt hear a response like: “I think she’s a terrible actress” or “She ruined Garden State for me” coupled with an eye roll. The truth is, Natalie Portman is so near-perfect that many women just can’t fathom how she’s gone from child star in Lolita-esque roles in The Professional and Beautiful Girls to a bona fide adult actress (not that kind) in V for Vendetta, Closer and The Other Boleyn Girl without a bad word about her in the tabloids, a drug scandal or a sex tape.”

    Really, AskMen… Really?! Do you think that all women are jealous cows?

    I know I shouldn’t have high expectations for a site that rates women, but still. Most women I know are fans of Natalie for just those reasons, and the ones that aren’t dislike her for other reasons than that she’s too perfect. I actually find the whole jealous woman stereotype mystifying, because for the most part I’ve never come across it in real life.