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By January 21, 2010Nat-news

The LA Times has a very interesting article about the making of Hesher. Definitely a good read while we wait for opinions of the film to come through (hopefully) later in the day.

Perhaps the most daring aspect of “Hesher” is its mix of tones, the rather serious story of a father and son coming to terms with their grief, individually and as a family unit, bouncing off a more freewheeling tale of rock and ‘n’ roll rebellion.


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  • Nannina says:

    Oh dear… that’s a little worrying. Hopefully they got it finished. I wonder if the 11th hour change was that they actually did have John C Reilly and he pulled out?

    “I had a very specific idea of the film I wanted to make, who I wanted to make it with,” he said. “When it all changed at the 11th hour, in the first week or two once we started to shoot, I failed miserably. I thought, ‘This is a disaster.’ And then I said, ‘OK, the movie I wanted to make, it’s not happening anymore. I’m going to embrace what I have.’ And once I figured that out, I made the movie. I think a movie becomes what it is.”

    This is not encouraging. I’m really excited for the movie but if all the director can say to talk up the movie is that it “became what it is” one begins to be a little concerned. Mixing tones is difficult, and I’m scared that the reviews are going to pick up on that… ah well we shall see. I’m still interested.