Moar Hesh

A few more reviews hit overnight.

Slashfilm were expecting a lot but were quite disappointed. However, they still gave it 7.5/10.

If the plot sounds like it is all over the place, that’s because it is. Joseph Gordon-Levitt again transforms himself into a character like-nothing you’ve seen him play before. Portman is as cute as ever, but her character seems a bit lacking.

New York Magazine thinks the film and Natalie are not convincing.

Natalie Portman is just not believable as a grocery store cashier who can’t get more than 15 hours of work a week. Even in granny glasses and ill-fitting shirts, she looks like a starlet on the L train.

This blogger is raving about the film.

Hesher was a sort of bizarre film, but I loved every minute of it.

– A 5 out of 5 review over at We Are Movie Geeks.

What we actually got was a film that cannot be placed into any genre of film and is so politically incorrect it would make Howard Stern blush. Please don’t get me wrong, this movie is fucking fantastic and I cant rave enough about it… a quarter of the way through the film I turned to AJ and told him this would easily be my favorite of the festival, if not the year.

– Roger Friedman’s blog suggests the film will play well to a younger crowd.

Natalie Portman has a nice turn as a cashier who gets involved with this odd bunch.

– Another blogger review that’s quite positive and indicates that it is playing well to audiences.

After all the WTF moments layered into it, as I walked away I felt like I viewed a cinematic form of catharsis. Would I recommend it? Yeah, but it’s probably suited towards cinematic adventurers. As I was exiting, I saw a lady who rated it a “fair” on her ballot. Pretty harsh for a film that got a lot of laughs from the audience. And I really do mean A LOT.

And a few more tweets.

speaking of movie reviews, you will love hesher when it comes out dude. great indie pic.

had a good time with Hesher, plus to being in the 801…Sundance.

Hesher sidenote – 3 chicks in front of me WALKED OUT cause of the vulgarity

hesher was fantastic

Hesher had me 100% entertained w/my jaw on the floor! Liked it and confused simultaneously.

Hesher was excellent

hesher GREATEST #sundance film. Four stars.

hesher was great. my first sundance. awesome place.

HESHER: a textbook of indie-film blunders and cliches