How About Some Hesher Reviews

For a change.

JoBlo is first out the gate with a very enthusiastic 9/10 review.

It’s unconventional, edgy, and manages to accomplish something it seems can only be pulled off by taking the indie route; it successfully merges comedy and drama.

Young Brochu hits all the right notes as T.J, making the kid instantly likable, and personable. Ditto Portman, although she’s probably a bit too beautiful to be playing a mousy supermarket cashier.

Despite a few negative reviews from the trades, and some bad buzz from the older generation of critics, I still think HESHER has what it takes to become a mainstream success. The younger generation of critics at Sundance (myself included) all seemed to love it.

In This Week gave it a nice 3 out of 4 star rating.

Likewise, Natalie Portman’s geeky-sweet Nicole is a nice subplot that never gets fully realized.

In the end, “Hesher” might be a one-trick pony, but like its title character, the film is outrageous, vulgar, bitter and still a good (destructive) time. It won’t be the best film I see at the Sundance this year, but Gordon-Levitt’s performance will be among the most enjoyable.

– And The Hollywood Reporter “weigh-in” with one of their typical non-review reviews.

Although he’s not out to shock anyone, Susser deliberately throws in a bit more violence and abusive language than moviegoers expect from their quirky Sundance films about misfits. His movie has a heart, but (beyond some pretty broad cues to read its action as metaphor) doesn’t want to spoon-feed anyone. Whether they appreciate that or not, moviegoers will have to admit the movie is true to itself.