Hesher Lands Deal

Fantastic news for all of us – Hesher has been sold. Check out Deadline Hollywood for the full scoop.

With Sundance buyers so cautious, how can sellers get them excited enough to step up and make a distribution deal? For Hesher, the answer was showing the film to a paying crowd of regular moviegoers. After the pic received a rousing reception at last night’s screening away from the festival at the Broadway Centre Cinemas in Salt Lake City, Newmarket captured U.S. distribution rights after an all-night bargaining session. Several other distributors were in the mix, insiders said. In the deal negotiated by WME Global’s Mark Ankner and CAA, Newmarket’s Chris Ball and John Crye paid a low 7-figure price and an “aggressive” P&A commitment.

Since it debuted last Friday, Hesher has been one of the most talked-about fest titles, and its provocative subject matter and irreverent tone has divided critics.