Nat In Empire

It seems Natalie is in the latest Brit film magazine, Empire, and Jibson has sent over the highlights.

After pursuing a career typified by performances that have elevated her critical standing and transformed her into something of a role model… Portman appears to be finally letting her hair down “You should see my character in Your Highness” she beams with a sweet smile, referring to the swords, sorcery and skunk movie she recently shot in Northern Ireland with the crew behind Pineapple Express “I kick some serious ass”. Empire doesn’t doubt her- we’ve been on the set of the movie (out in October) and have witnessed her small, furry bikini and her big set of weapons- and we’re all too aware that she’ll slay many a ruffian before hurtling full throttle into an unlikely but tempestuous fling with stoner-cum-rubbish-knight Danny McBride “It’s a really funny script” smiles Portman “and a little bit rude”.

Small furry bikini? I didn’t need any convincing but if I did that would have taken things over the top. Hit the jump for thoughts on Thor, Brothers, Black Swan and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

on Thor
“I just thought it sounded like a really weird idea” she offers “because Kenneth Branagh is directing it, and ken doing this kind of hing is super weird to me. I ply Jane Foster. I don’t think i cna tell you anythign more than that, though. I’ll get into trouble.”

The Jerusalem-born actress will then complete her ‘fun’ triple bill with the lead role of Elizabeth Bennet in the forthcoming adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies “I haven’t been offered that many projects like these” she says “and while it’s been hard work- I am really tired- they were too good to turn down”

on Brothers
“Actually, i read the scipt for Brothers, and i went and met Jim but he didn;t want me for it,” laughts Portman, “I think he thought I was too young or i had no idea- maybe he just preferred other actresses. I had to work really hard to convince him that i could do it. I think the other actresses tuned it down, so i got to do it in the end”
And a fine job she does too. As with Where the Heart is, Cold Mountain and Revenge off the Sith, Portman is again playign a young mom…”I’m definitely interested in family life” she reflects “It’s the beginning of any story and whatever any story is ultimately about”

on Black Swan
It also requires Portman to recall the dance training she had as a child, when the young prodigy studied tap, jazz and luckily enough, ballet, “I danced until i was like, 13, but i definitely thought iu was better than i am” she grins “i was like ‘wow i was pretty good’ and then i went into the class and i was like ‘Oh dear, I’m not so good at all,’ so it’s been very challenging for me” She pauses, “Although, of course, it has also been great fun”