Nat And Heath

Skateboarder Griffin Collins talks with ESPN about working with Heath Ledger on Lords of Dogtown and how he has contributed photos of Heath to the latest issue of Skatebook – a coffee table book about skateboarding.

There’s also a surprise Natalie mention.

A lot of the photos are from the set but we’d party at his house so I have a bunch of those. I have a Polaroid in the book of a bunch of people in a hammock and there is a girl spreading her legs. The guy next to her fell off the balcony right before this. I thought he was dead but he got right up. I shot it at Heath’s house. And Natalie Portman might have been in that hammock too. It was always interesting hanging out with Heath off set. He was beyond humble with what he had. I got some good photos out of those parties.

Does that mean Natalie is in the photo that’s in the book? If you’re into skating you can order the book here…and then let me know 🙂