Best Buds

News hit early today about the film that might follow Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The full report is over at Pajiba, but here is the crux of it.

Natalie Portman and her production company, Handsome Charlie Films, are currently searching for a director to helm Best Buds, a stoner road comedy Portman is producing and set to star in. The independently financed comedy is said to be in the vein of Harold and Kumar and Half-Baked and will center on two best female friends who take a road trip to their friend’s wedding in order to save her by bringing her weed.

According to our source, The Hollywood Cog, the script comes from actress Jamie Denbo, who is probably best known for writing and starring in a popular Showtime pilot, “Ronna & Beverly,” which was directed by Paul Feig, but never got picked up for series (it was apparently only aired for tax purposes).

Some thoughts after the jump.

I did a little digging and was told by a source that the project does exist but nothing is certain at this point. Handsomecharlie may produce and Natalie may star. Or not.

Interesting that the Handsomecharlie films all have at least one solid foot in genre, which makes them (on the surface at least) a bit more financially viable. I guess they’re not ready to take too many financial risks at this stage.

It’s certainly a completely new phase in Natalie’s career.

As for this project specifically, I’m not a HUGE fan of stoner comedies but it really all depends on who is behind the project. Pineapple Express and Eastbound and Down (to a lesser extent) were great and The Big Lebowski is probably my favourite comedy of all time. But the films that they reference above…not really my cup of tea.

The all girl angle is interesting and a nice opportunity, as there really aren’t enough good female driven comedies.

But until a director is announced, I shall remain on the fence. Except about the title, which is awful.