New Poll + Hungry/Rodarte Results

As promised, here is the new poll about Natalie’s next project (after PP&Z?) – Best Buds.

Should Best Buds light up or go to rehab?

As for the previous poll, I was quite surprised that the Hungry In America appearance got more votes (although only 3) than the Rodarte look. I thought the Hungry appearance was very Plain Jane while this is anything but.

Full results after the jump.

What do you think of the Hungry In America and Rodarte Exhibit looks?

Both are great. – 36.89% (45 votes)

Hungry is great. Rodarte is meh. – 24.59% (30 votes)

Rodarte is great. Hungry is meh. – 22.13% (27 votes)

Both are meh. – 13.93% (17 votes)