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A year ago we mentioned that Natalie’s dad had gotten some recognition from Amazon for a short story that he wrote. Prior to then, Avner was better known for opening legs than opening pages.

Well that might be about to change now that Ezra_Pound has noticed that the short has become a full length work of fiction called Misconception.

Misconception takes the reader on a heart pounding and mysterious, yet intriguing journey, examining new reproductive and genetic technologies through Anya’s eyes. Along the way, she must grapple with issues of passion and hate, conservative and liberal politics, morality and medicine and ultimately life and death.


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  • Ezra_Pound says:

    “…Avner was better known for opening legs than opening pages…”

    Nice one. Really nice.

  • cuddlious says:

    The book appears to be self-published. It also has a website where Dr. H writes about himself. Curiously, for a novel about reproduction, he does not mention his own daughter! 😉

  • cuddlious says:

    I just found this cute blog post from one of Dr. H’s research assistants. “We sat down and began talking, all the while I had to pretend as if I didn’t notice the multitude of pictures of his famous daughter scattered around his office.” http://danielle7993.blogspot.com/2009/12/hospital-here-i-come.html

  • miscahlover says:

    if you love the calf you must love the father. hello sir good morning i hope to read your short story one day if your were able to produce one of the worlds finest human beings i am sure the story is nothing but facinating

  • Aza Nuff says:

    natalie can consider herself lucky for having such a creative father