New Poll + Best Buds Results

A week ago we updated with a link to Complex Magazine’s 50 most racist films (that you wouldn’t think are racist). #11 on the list was The Phantom Menace. Give it a read and then vote in our new poll…

Is The Phantom Menace racist?

As for the Best Buds poll, most of you guys are like me – hopeful but needing a bit more convincing before fully getting excited about the project. Full results after the jump.

What are your feelings about the Best Buds project?

Has potential but need to know more before getting too excited. – 37.14% (39 votes)

Sounds great. Nice to see her doing something fun. – 29.52% (31 votes)

Meh. Doesn’t sound like my plate of special brownies. – 15.24% (16 votes)

I’m so stoned right now. Where am I? – 9.52% (10 votes)

Sounds awful. I have no interest at all. – 6.67% (7 votes)