Nat Directing PPZ?

The author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth Grahame-Smith, has already had his new book optioned for film by Tim Burton. In a report on that deal, The Hollywood Reporter drops a very strange bit of news.

Hollywood already has its hooks in “Zombies”; the book is set up at Lionsgate with Natalie Portman producing and attached to direct.

However, The Playlist has looked into the matter and thinks that THR have likely just made a mistake. They cite this quote from Seth Grahame-Smith from yesterday’s NY Post:

“I was thrilled [about Natalie Portman coming on board]. It’s like the dream casting for Elizabeth — Natalie just completely gels with the Elizabeth I had in my head while writing the book. And now David O. Russell is writing the screenplay and directing it — he’s just a genius. I just feel like I keep winning the lottery on a weekly basis.”

Personally, while I do want to see Natalie step up to directing, I think this project needs a more experienced touch in order to work. I also can’t see her juggling between directing and starring, when Natalie does eventually direct her first feature film.

I’m going to fire off some emails and see if I can get some confirmation, but for now I think you should assume a mistake was made.