Sorry for the lack of updates so far. It’s so ridiculously hot here today that I’ve basically been making sweet love to my fan just to get me through the day.

The Sun reckon Natalie stole the spotlight with her outfit at the Vanity Fair party last night.

– A potentially dangerous fan sighting of Natalie while driving to a pre Oscar party. Thankfully nobody was harmed…this time.

Our friend, Tommy who drove my mom and I, was so certain he saw an actress driving in the car ahead of us. “Is that Natalie Portman in front of us?” he said. And of course I was getting really excited. The woman driving switched lanes, so I got to see who it was! Sure enough- It was Natalie Portman cruising in her hybrid with the windows rolled down with some friends with her. It was just so cool to see her and so unexpected!

– Finally, “New York, I Love You is playing at the Tinseltown cinemas in Vancouver”, says Rockla. Perhaps some other Canadians will check it out.