Black Swan Tidbits

Time to play a little catch up.

– Let’s start with some release date information. Here is some info on the limited release for December 3rd.

The opening on Dec 3 is now expanding to 8 cities instead of just NY and LA… Boston (Boston Commons, Kendall Square), Chicago (River East, Century Centre, Evanston), San Francisco (Metreon, Kabuki), Washington DC (Bethesda, E Street, Georgetown), Dallas/Ft Worth (Magnolia, Angelika, Plano), and Toronto (Varsity)

– The Movie Line Oscar Index has Natalie “pulling away from the flock”.

Deadline has their own look at the actress race and has this to say about Natalie:

Many are already predicting the race is over and the Oscar is Portman’s even before the film opens and officially plays for Academy members. One voting wag who’s seen it said, ‘Portman will win every award in sight for this including the Heisman Trophy’. As a mentally disturbed prima ballerina this is Diva to the Dark Side and Portman dazzles every pirouette of the way in the kind of transformative role that melts voters. OSCAR CHANCE: It’s Portman’s to lose — to Bening. And in that case a too-close-to-call split vote could open the door for a spoiler to appear out of this pack you are currently prerusing and take it all.

Now for some new reviews.

Neon Tommy kinda liked the film.

The “Black Swan” is the best movie of 2010; the suspense, chilling music and outstanding performances deliver a knock out movie.

Geeky Rant thinks that its one of the best films of the year.

She seriously gave the best performance of her career, and she deserves to win the Oscar for Best Actress. I’ll be pissed if she doesn’t win! It was by far the best female performance I’ve seen this year.

– Now for a very rare negative review from Century City News.

The greatest director in the world can’t save a bad script, but Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan’s director, could have at least got Nina to crack a smile once in a while, and not picking up on something this obvious shows a complete lack of perception.

– And finally, here is a video review from Crazy Chicks, although its a bit of a misnomer because, if anything, the girl needs a bit MORE expression in her delivery. But she dug the film and Natalie’s performance, so, yay.