Career Highlights has two really nice Natalie articles. The first is a Black Swan article that has a lot of, now all too familiar, quotes, but there is some new content as well, including a couple really interesting comments about Harvard.

More interesting is a piece on Natalie’s career, which includes her 5 most fearless performances up to Black Swan. I might swap Beautiful Girls for Anywhere But Here but other than that, it’s a list that I wholeheartedly agree with.

HOTEL CHEVALIER (2007): Wes Anderson’s uncharacteristically mature short was released along with his “The Darjeeling Limited,’’ and features Portman and one of that movie’s three brothers (Jason Schwartzman) luxuriating in a Paris suite. She stalks him to France, and it’s a delicious-looking encounter, where the sex doesn’t seem like a put-on, and the sharp breakup talk between them seems truer than anything in the feature. Portman’s haircut is Jean Seberg’s, and her demeanor is pure screen goddess.