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By December 2, 2010Nat-news

Before the site went down I mentioned that the one thing lacking from this influx of Natalie news, was a couple prominent magazine cover appearances. Well, start limbering up for your happy dance because…

Magazine Shelf is saying that Natalie will be on the cover of Vogue in January. InStyle in February. And Vanity Fair in March.


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  • omgzrachel says:


  • beatsbroken says:

    I cannot wait… hope either Vogue/Vanity Fair do some couture clothes and something very dramatic. Instyle will probably be more “girl next door”, so it will be nice to have something very fashionable for the other 2!

  • demian says:

    Could you upload the International Trailer?


  • Nannina says:

    That’s quite a vote of confidence for Vanity Fair… Having her be the March cover is basically them saying that they think she’s going to win the Oscar… then again, alot of people seem to be saying that.

    I love Vanity Fair.