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By December 7, 2010Nat-news

Screw Ebert and Phillips and Dargis. The most important review thus far has finally arrived, for Rachel has seen Black Swan. Hopefully she doesn’t mind me posting these thoughts that she herself posted in the forum.

I just have to gush. I don’t really know what to say about Black Swan that hasn’t already been said. Natalie was flawless. In my opinion, this was her best role and performance since Leon. She completely embodied her character. Her performance in the final act of the film looked so effortless and kind of blew me away. The whole cast was fantastic, actually.

I am perplexed by that article from earlier about women disliking Natalie’s character at the initial screenings. I found Nina not only sympathetic (despite all of her flaws), but disturbingly relatable. Also, the audience I was with was predominantly female and the women around me had only positive things to say after the movie was over. (The theatre was PACKED, btw, and all of the shows were selling out very quickly. I’m glad I got there early! Like Jen, I’m still confused as to why this was given such an exclusive release.)

My only gripe about Black Swan is that it was too short! I wasn’t expecting it to be so quickly paced and would have liked to see a little bit more characterization. I also really wish I had not viewed all of the clips released and spoiled myself so much. It ruined the experience quite a bit. But I definitely want to go see this again when it’s (ever) released in my region. I need a repeat to absorb all the details I missed the first time around.


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  • jenr1215 says:

    xfingers crossedx for it to pop up around us the 21.

  • dazza says:

    Don’t be greedy!

  • WanderinRoy says:

    Yes, Rachel, but what we really want to know is,

    A. Is Natalie’s performance the equal of Mariah Carey’s acting in “Glitter”?

    B. Is Darren’s directing as powerful as the best work of the great Uwe Boll”?

    C. Is “Black Swan” as memorable, classic, and iconic as the legendary “Showgirls”?

  • #1NatPortfan says:

    I am happy Rachel finally managed to see the film.Her review gives us another reason to go and see Black Swan.Here in Puerto Rico it will release on December 23,2010,that means i will have to wait two weeks to see it,but it will be worth the wait.I think the film last 1 hour and 48 minutes,not enough to expand in characterization.

  • kafinsmif says:

    For those of you that are musicians (especially harpists) and know the suite, you will get a kick out of the background music that is used during much of the film… 🙂

  • celia says:

    I waited to read your review until I saw the film…since we tend to be on the same page and sure enough…we felt the same way! Major confusion as to the extremely limited release b/c my theater was packed as well. Friend and I had to sit near the front and we showed up fairly early. When we left, the follow-up showing was forming a line in a 3-story Chicago cinema.

  • celia says:

    I waited to read your review until I saw the film since we tend to be on the same page. Fully agreed on the bullet points like the limited release confusion with a packed theater (and the next showing forming a line in a 3-story Chicago megaplex), the film being surprisingly short, wanting to see it more than once, and wishing I had spoiled myself less.
    The spoilers did, however, allow me to absorb some of the camera tricks, mirror uses, and little details that I would have missed on a normal first-round viewing. I will be seeing it again though….since I’m sure there’s always more.
    Also, I’m glad that I stuck to my guns in the beginning when her role as described as derogratory towards women and I cried nay. It was HIGHLY relatable and still a total fairy tale.
    The final act was indeed her best acting since Leon…maybe ever. She flew off the screen. Nina kicks Alice’s ass and Closer is one of my favorite plays.
    I also loved that it was not the destination of the story that mattered…since you should know how this will pan out from the beginning (it is just a re-telling of Swan Lake at its core). At first I thought this isn’t so disturbing…the creep factor just keeps rising.
    Oh…and that sex factor? It’s there. Any breathing person with functional organs will find this movie as enticing as it is frightening. Costumes must get an Oscar too.
    My con: I do agree with the one review that said Darren could’ve pushed it even further. But the work put into it is measurable and incredible…I could’ve kept watching Natalie acting for some more time for sure.