Here is another batch of smaller updates that don’t quite deserve their own updates.

– Starting off with TC Candler’s new Most Beautiful Faces list. Natalie has made the list 13 years in a row and won it in 2008. She makes the cut once more but click here to find out just how high up she has landed this year.

– Buzznet presents “the evolution of Natalie Portman”, which sounds better than “a lame ass photo slideshow”.

– Finally, an interesting interview with the editor of Black Swan. The excerpt below is vaguely spoiler-ish.

Technically, the most complicated scene was when Nina and Lily go clubbing. There’s so much going on subliminally. There are 20 instances of Nina thinking she’s seeing herself. We pushed it farther and went all out. Every image of that scene — which is 45 to 50 seconds with 1,000 images — is manipulated. Frame by frame, we manipulated the environment so the backgrounds were a selective mix of things from her reality and her imagination. Things from Swan Lake are hidden in there. It’s a crazy collage.