Natalie Talks Film And Dior

Garcy found a really fantastic interview with Natalie over at WWD. In it she talks a lot about her career, from acting to producing to directing and writing. She even drops the tidbit that her last dog, Charlie, was named after Charlie Chaplin. I don’t recall having heard that one before.

Most interesting are her comments about Dior. There were quite a few people who thought that she had sold out and betrayed her own beliefs, but reading Natalie’s quotes on the matter, you can think she sold out but she certainly believes in her decision to work with Dior.

“I guess I always want to think about what I’m doing,” she continued. “There’s always some sort of combination between being thoughtful, and also having fun. And being thoughtful, sometimes you can argue two ways for the same cause, as you know. It definitely was a war inside my head for a long time and, finally, I was like, we can actually do something very positive with this, especially given the kind of company Dior is, which is truly elegant. It’s been exactly along the lines of what I had hoped for. I’m happy creatively; I’m happy with the images and the way I’m being portrayed, and their support of these various causes that are dear to my heart.”

Read the rest, which includes how Dior made their shoes for Natalie without leather or animal products, and confirmation that Sofia Coppola directed the TV ads, which launch, along with the print ads, in March.