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New batch of mini updates coming at ya.

– This USA Today article, on Natalie’s upcoming comedies, No Strings Attached and Your Highness, has some nice quotes from Danny McBride, Ashton Kutcher and (see below) Ivan Reitman about Natalie.

“She is one of the great actresses of her generation and a great voice for people in their late 20s and early 30s,” he says. “She is as brave in this as she is in Black Swan. It’s just a different kind of bravery. She is comedically raw and funny without being silly.”

Acting alongside Ashton is, admittedly, very brave.

– Jeff Goldsmith’s writers podcasts are always great, so even though I haven’t listened to it yet, and you probably shouldn’t unless you’ve seen the film, I’m sure his new interview of the Black Swan screenwriters is a great listen.

– Natalie’s ballet trainer, Mary Helen Bowers, talks a bit about training Natalie for Black Swan. But mostly plugs her Ballet Beautiful company.


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