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By December 11, 2010Nat-news

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Black Swan has cracked the top 10, despite only being in 90 theatres. The film pulled in just under $1 million yesterday, setting it up in a very healthy position for the wide release next Friday.

Details over here.


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  • natpfan1 says:

    I went to an early screening of Black Swan last night in Paris, France. It was great, definitely one of her best films, and in my humble opinion her best performance as an actress.

    I wouldn’t give it the Best Film Oscar, even though Darren Aronofsky did an amazing job – the filming is fantastic – yet the movie is nothing groundbreaking but it’s still pretty good. However, a nomination wouldn’t be unfair.

    I haven’t seen the other potential best actresses work but I really think Natalie deserve to win this. It’s somewhat along the lines of her past roles but here she went further and she’s not just crying all the time, she’s perfectly cast, the dancing scenes are beautiful and believable,… Would be a well-deserved win.

  • #1NatPortfan says:

    I agree with natpfan1.I finally saw Black Swan today,and i can say it’s the best performance in Natalie’s career.You are right,natpfan1 when you say that a nomination wouldn’t be unfair.What would be unfair is that Natalie be denied the oscar because the academy wants to give it to Annette Bening because she’s never won one.Natalie more than deserves to win the oscar.We can only imagine what Nat would have been if instead of acting she had pursued a ballet career since she took ballet classes as a girl.No doubt she would have been a prima ballerina like Nina.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I got to see it as well yesterday. So excited! We decided to take a 2-hour drive instead of waiting until at least the 22nd and it was worth it! I agree with you both. I haven’t seen any of the movies for which the other potential actresses either so I have no idea what she’s up against, but I don’t see how any of them could have given such an incredible performance.