Racists Don’t Like Thor

By December 17, 2010Nat-news

Most ridiculous protest of the year goes to…

The Council Of Conservative Citizens! These concerned citizens are upset at the casting of a black man, Idris Elba, as a Norse God.

Norse mythology gets multi-cultural remake in upcoming movie titled “Thor,” Marvel studios. It’s not enough that Marvel attacks conservatives values, now mythological Gods must be re-invented with black skin.

It seems that Marvel Studios believes that white people should have nothing that is unique to themselves. An upcoming movie, based on the comic book Thor, will give the Aesir an insulting multi-cultural make-over. One of the Gods will be played by Hip Hop DJ Elba.

People have a right to moan about changes in an adaptation of an existing property. It’s often silly and needlessly hand wringing, but I do get it. But this, this strikes me as an excuse for some racist old white folks to get their hate on. Hopefully, if this gets any coverage in the States, it receives the amount of scorn it duly deserves.


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  • celia says:

    ….dear lord *sigh*

  • spoonbat says:

    In a way I do understand where these scumbags are coming from as this is supposed to be a story about gods from Sweden I think?

    But this is a modern comic book adaptation set in America and selling to a modern American/Canada type audience. To think this would be basically a Klan rally of a comic movie is just bizarre. These guys don’t seem to know much about marketing or mass appeal or even comics.

    Then again what do you expect from morons like this?

  • rkamidees says:

    Yes, it’s tough to be a white man in this world. At least they still have hockey.

  • chinastar says:

    The way I see it is why change a characters gender or race in the first place? If I sold a story to a production company I would not want my characters recast from what I had created. I’m not siding with this group. I see it a little differently. I see it as changing an artists/creators intellectual property.

    What if Peter Jackson decided to change the characters in The Lord of the Rings? There probably would have been fan outrage and I’m sure JRR Tolkien wouldn’t agree with it.

    Imagine if George Lucas only wrote the story of Star Wars and did not have anything to do with the production of the movie? Sold it to “Hollywood” instead and they changed Han Solo to a woman, Hana Solo? I bet George would be pretty upset.

    How would you feel if you wrote a story about African Gods and Goddesses in which you wrote all of them as African and the team working on the picture decided to make a few of them Russian, Australian or Hawaiian. Wouldn’t that seem a little awkward to you?

    I do not agree with this group’s protest and their views. But I do not like the idea of altering characters from what is an artist’s creation, public knowledge or a mythical story where the character has been depicted that way for generations and is drawn that way in the source material.

  • omgzrachel says:

    “Conservative values.” Oh lord.

  • Jenski says:

    chinastar – Is Aestir’s *whiteness* somehow relevant to his character? And isn’t it idiotic to get uppity about changing the race of a mythological god?

    I wrote a few plays for school (yeah, I was one of those) and we changed race and gender all the time. It never altered the fundamental elements of the story.

    Abraham Lincoln should stay white, Malcolm X should stay black, and Paul Bunyan can be any damn thing Hollywood wants I don’t care. This is stupid.

  • Chauster says:

    lawl…not worth writing anything else.

  • amo says:

    I wonder if Nat is playing an ethnically Jewish character…

  • robot says:

    I wonder if anyone in the Nordic countries care about this, or if it’s just American white supremacists getting their confederate flag underwear in a twist.

    And if I were a god, my skin would be whatever damn colour I wanted it to be. Hello, godly powers?

  • P6ha says:

    I don’t criticize a movie for a cast if a black or a white actor plays Susanoo ( one of Japanese Gods ) in the movie. ( You know, I’m a Japanese. ) How narrow-minded the Council is!

  • Beti-88 says:

    Actually, I too think casting a black man to play a Norse God, is a good contestant for the Stupidest Idea of the Decade.

  • dazza says:

    Chinastar, as I said, I understand “fan outrage” but this is not that. This is a group that probably knows close to f-all about Thor but is just wanting to use the casting as an excuse to fire up about their own agenda.

  • jake_mcaga says:

    If this is right that a black man is portraying a God in Norse mythology I would feel plainly insulted by this. I am Norwegian and my cultural heritage IS Norse mythology.
    Now, I don’t mind coloured people at all. I’ve had several good friends from foreign countries over the years. My current pal is one called Manuel, an indian from Brasil, the kindest man on earth.
    To get to the point. Portraying a Norse God with a negroe, is like portraying Jesus in a movie with a Japanese. This is as wrong as it gets. It doesn’t matter if the main target is American/Canadian.
    Norse mythology was the religion of the Vikings in Scandinavia. Countries like Norway (where I come from), Sweden and Denmark. To mark my point straight home:
    How would you feel about a biographical movie about George Washington portraid by e.g. Denzel Washington??? How lame is that? And by the way, I consider Denzel as one of the best actors ever.

  • celia says:

    What Dazza said. And as a note on changing Tolkein’s world: A casting director was fired from the Hobbit because she put an ad out for basically “whites only” without being given any direction to do so. I guess that takes care of that.

  • dazza says:

    Well Jesus is normally portrayed as white, which, if he existed, is almost certainly incorrect.

    But again, my issue is with the intentions of the group and they strike me as, at best, moderately racist. Why call him “Hip Hop DJ Elba”? Why not complain about other inaccuracies such as an Australian playing a Norse God?

    But really, just take one look at their website and it becomes clear that these people don’t give a shit about Thor being accurately adapted, and “moderately racist” quickly becomes “clearly racist”.

  • WanderinRoy says:

    I hope these people never see the movie “I’m Not There”, in which Bob Dylan is portrayed by a young, black child. And a woman. And Christian Bale. And Richard Gere. (O.K., that last one was probably going a little too far!)

  • jake_mcaga says:

    You guys should read up on Norse mythology. It’s painfully clear the ignorance and lack of knowledge many people depict in this discussion.
    A Norse God with black skin? That IS racial. No wonder people with conservative values gets provoked of this stunt of Marvel.

    And Dazza, you clearly have an agenda. You have the right to express yourself, AND the right to be stupid. (Yes, this is getting personal) I take this ‘discussion’ personal because you actually don’t have the necessary level of knowledge of what you’re talking about.

    Marvel is crossing the line. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone sued them for falsifying history, although it’s mythology. Norse Gods is a part of my cultural heritage. My ancestors worshipped them and I’m proud of my cultural identity.

    So guys. If you’re into provocation. That’s fine. Just be sure you have a certain degree of knowledge before stating your opinions.

    And Maribel should think before she writes “racial old white folks”. She’s obviously subjective on starting a discussion like this. Any discussion ought to be ‘started’ in an objective manner. You don’t put pictures in other people like that. That’s dangerous! Some folks would say it’s propaganda. Or maybe even mind-suggestion.

    Stay on the right track guys! I like a heated discussion if both parties have good arguments. Bring it on!

  • dazza says:

    If my agenda is to get pissed off when conservative groups like this use any and everything as an excuse to let their pent up racial fury fly, then yes, I have an agenda.

    Read their statement carefully. Then look at their site. These are people who have a racial axe to grind.

    As for your cultural heritage, I’m no expert on Marvel’s Thor but it’s common knowledge that the mythology is barely a jumping off point for the comic. It is NOT history, it takes a kernel of history and blows it up into it’s own mythological world. If you were to complain about the differences between the Marvel universe Thor and the Norse mythology Thor, you’d be up for days listing things off.

    Starting with the fact that in Marvel’s world they are not Gods, but aliens.

    OMG they made your God’s aliens. Rabble rabble rabble!

  • P84na says:

    Jake_mcaga, you should have used “a black” instead of “a negroe”. Nowadays few people use “negroe” because it was used with a meaning of a racial discrimination ago. (I’m the same man named “P6ha”)

  • savory says:

    I don’t see how having an Australian playing the god Thor is any different or less of a departure of the source material than someone with a different skin color. If anything you should be mad at the whole movie since it changes almost everything except names.

  • jake_mcaga says:

    Thanks for the enlightenment, but to clarify:
    I have the right to my stupidity as well. In my entire life I’ve used the word negroe [without any racist meanings]*. I live in Norway, and in my generation (I’m 43) it’s more or less ‘acceptable’ to use the word.
    Using the word ‘nigger’ is obviously racist. We’re flooded in American films so we know it’s meaning. So – there actually is a difference using negroe vs. nigger.
    More importantly is ‘where’ and ‘when’ the word negroe is used. How you use it and how you say it. Social skills are obviously needed. And not everyone masters it.
    We have one word for black, which has two meanings: black and dirty. So if I were to use the phrase “That black man over there” (direct translation) it would, to many people, easily get mistranslated as racistic. Most probable not for the guy (me?) who used it. But people in general are forgiving in that respect because we also use the word negroe in public, mainly in comedy shows.
    So when I say negroe I usually* don’t mean anything to it. If other people see me as a racist because of that then they’re just plain stupid (no offense intended).
    I have the right to say negroe, because we live in a democracy, with the right of freedom of speech. Just because it’s politically UNcorrect to use the word doesn’t mean I’m a racist. Please – reflect upon that last sentence.
    Now – about using the word negroe on the internet. I think people ought to use it. We don’t use ‘yellows’ on Asians do we? So would should I use the word ‘black’? I believe most negroes in USA use ‘whites’ on white people, right? But in American passports, whites are caucasian. Am I right? So why don’t we all go back to the original meanings on coloured people. I’m caucasian. He’s a negroe and she’s a mongol. Without any racist undertones. Well, that’s at least my opinion.
    Others may see me as ignorant, maybe even stupid in addition to being racist. Sometimes I don’t think about using the word negroe. And sometimes I use it *deliberately. And of course sometimes I rephrase what I originally wanted to say. It’s all about social skills.
    *Provoking people is easy. And fun actually, when I get the opportunity to enlighten them with some *[thought-provoken statements]. So here’s a quote: “know your audience”.
    And something to think about:
    “We have two ears to listen with, but only one mouth to talk”
    I think I’ve said enough 😉

    This comment is a clarification of my point of view; NOT a critisism on others.

  • jake_mcaga says:

    By the way,

    In the movie Daredevil starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Kingpin was portraid as a ‘black’. But the Daredevil comic books clearly has Mr. Fisk as ‘white’. Any thoughts about this???

  • P11na says:

    Jake_mcaga, first of all I want to point out that you used ga black manhin your first opinion though you argue that “blackh has also a meaning of gdirtyh in your third opinion. I don’t think that any colour is dirty. A colour is a colour, that’s all.
    As you mentioned, with a speaker’s emotion you should know whether a word which the speaker said has a discriminatory meaning or not. I think the gnegroeh which was originally a scientific word became a discriminatory word in an era when minorities could not complain about an ethnic discrimination. If you think that gblackh also means gdirtyh, you must think a black is dirty.

    Secondly you used gcolouredh in your first and third opinions. I think that gcolouredh is a discriminatory word about a race because there is no similar adjective to group gwhiteh and gblackh or gwhiteh and gyellowh. gColoured peopleh is the only phrase to group two races (black and yellow).
    Incidentally I don’t think that gwhite peopleh has no colour. Usually they ( if you can define strictly gwhite peopleh without any objection ) are brightly coloured.

    I’m the same man named gP84na.

  • #1NatPortfan says:

    @Jake_mcaga…Thats the point.You have to see this movie as a movie adaptation of a comic,not as norse history.And as you said in the movies Marvel has done it has change characters racially from the comics.Example:Nick Fury in the comics is white but in Iron Man 2 is played by Samuel Jackson a colored actor.the other example is the afoermention DareDevil film.So as you can see Marvel can take liberties in changing their characters skin colors without affecting the comic story.So don’t get offended nor personal because Marvel decided to put a colored actor to play a norse god in Thor,after all it’s only a movie adaptation to a comic,a work of fiction not history.

  • jake_mcaga says:

    P11na, you just didn’t get my point did you (slightly condescending) ?
    Svart=black, svart=dirty (the a is pronounced the ‘u’ in umbrella)
    Translating this without the wole context:
    Denne mannen er svart. = This man is ___ ????
    …is a problem.
    I forgot to mention that we also have another word for black mainly
    : ‘sort’. Which is the actual colour. But it’s mostly used among the upper class. So most people whince a bit when they hear that word.
    As for the rest of your comment I’ll just refer to my last comment.
    Ok, I admit I got a bit carried away by my own resentness. I’m gonna watch Thor anyway when it comes to Norway. I’ll bet it’s good. But – I have a very strong hunch that Norwegians will feel a bit insulted of seeing one of ‘our’ Gods in another skincolor.

    (So off I go and fetch the latest updates of the Natalie-galleries, hoping others will too 😉 )