Chicago Win

By December 20, 2010Nat-news

The wins keep coming with the Chicago critics giving Natalie her 10th win of the season. Regardless of what happens at the Oscars, this has really been an incredible ride for Natalie and she must be absolutely overjoyed at the critical consensus of her performance.

The results, including another Best Score win for Clint Mansell, are over here.


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  • natasc says:

    So far…not that this is an absolute thing. But from the awards I’m feeling that they are more between Jennifer and Natalie than Natalie and Annette…
    also… Annette and Julianne on the same category may split the votes…
    Which means that since Black Swan is not here on Brazil yet.. I have to watch “Winter’s Bone”

  • dazza says:

    Don’t count out Bening yet. Critics don’t vote and she has a lot of friends in the Academy. The SAG result will be important. If Natalie wins that then she’s going to be hard to stop.