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By December 21, 2010Nat-news

Indiewire have done their annual critics poll, with 124 critics and bloggers weighing in on their favourites of the year. Black Swan nabbed 4th spot while Natalie was the 3rd best performer of the year. She was beaten out by two men – Edgar Ramirez and Jesse Eisenberg.

While Gold Derby have a new wave of predictions from their 23 Oscar experts and with most critics groups going for Natalie, she is now the favourite.

Winner of the battle for Best Actress keeps shifting with Natalie Portman (“Black Swan”) now a 7 to 5 favorite to prevail over Annette Bening (“The Kids Are All Right”).


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  • #1NatPortfan says:

    Thats good news!Lets hope Natalie can win the SAG Awards for best actress.That certainly will boost Nats chances to win the Oscars.The fact that Fox SeachLight decided to release Black Swan slowly is begining to pay off and in the end it will benefit Natalie at the long run for all the major awards included the Oscars.

  • jesslv74 says:

    What is it with The Social Network? I was so surprised when I saw all of the nominations it’s been getting. I thought it would just be some little movie that would get hype and then go away. Obviously I didn’t care for it.

  • dazza says:

    It’s been the front runner basically since it started screening during TIFF (but not at TIFF). The commercial success only underlined its strength in the Oscar race.