Remember When Natalie Was Sick?

By December 28, 2010Nat-news

The LA Times has a pretty nice write up about Natalie’s pregnancy and most interesting was their observation of, in hindsight, the first signs that Natalie was with child.

When we interviewed Portman in mid-November, she was not showing any signs of pregnancy. But she did allow that she hadn’t been feeling well. She said she had just recovered from a recent illness, which she said she suspected to be a case of food poisoning.

“I did a photo shoot, and I think it was whatever they served at lunch,” she explained, cautiously sipping from a bowl of vegetable broth. “I don’t even think I’m sick right now. I think I could probably eat anything, but I’m just like, an interview would not be the place to experiment.”

Portman also said at the interview that she had tried to conceal how ill she felt at the premiere the night before. “Yesterday, I was on the red carpet like, ‘Please don’t throw up.’ I went home after the red carpet last night and had a saltine and applesauce and was, like, asleep by 10.”


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  • cin.gun says:

    What’s a saltine?

  • shoe89 says:

    i m guessing a saltine cracker.

  • awiseone says:

    I remember Natalie left after the red carped part because she was not feeling well.
    I read that some where on this site I think.

    A saltine is a “cracker” does that help.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Sounds like she was pregnant to me…so at least 2-3 months? The interview with Ben was interesting. He seemed so nervous and kept saying the same thing over and over (though the interviewer wasn’t asking the greatest questions…pretty redundant ones). I wonder how he’s going to deal with constantly being on the red carpet and in the spotlight.

  • iluciouz says:

    it sounds like she didn’t know of her pregnancy but then again, but then again if she became pregnant around oct/nov that calls for a june baby. another june baby, just like her mother, natalie and benjamin. wowwww

  • nephi says:

    Late to the party but congratulations to Natalie and Benjamin! All the very best to both of them and their impending family.

  • clone says:

    Did she say she could eat anything? does that mean she’s quting of being a vegitarian for life and for her children?

    Also I’ve seen some female celebs split after being married for a few years, like that actress from desprate housewives. Perhaps natalie and ben will only be married for a few years and split.

  • revrezner says:

    NBC’s ET jsut showed a smal clip of video showing Natalie photo session for there January Oscar edition. They claim it was taken hours after her announcement of the preg engage.

  • clone says:

    natalie made it to the number 2 spot in the FHM magazine of the top 100 sexiest women. anna heathaway came first.

  • huc says:

    clone, shut up

  • PatrynXX says:

    Didn’t know she was pregnant, but then again I should have suspected because she was bone thin in the movie but she was looking normal on the carpet.

  • PatrynXX says:

    Anne Hathaway was in what movies this year again?? lol.. except for that silly ET cover. Whaaa? nah. Anne’s okay but certainly not in my top ten.