The Other Woman Trailer

By December 28, 2010Nat-news

It’s been a long long long LONG time coming, but the English trailer for The Other Woman (previously Love And Other Impossible Pursuits) has now arrived. Looks pretty decent to me but what do you think?


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  • huc says:

    pretty good trailer.

  • DavidK says:

    Looks pretty solid. Is it getting a UK release?

  • Carlotto says:

    The first third of the trailer was disappointing as for Natalie’s performance (unoriginal and self-conscious); but after that and until the end, it looks better than what I expected.

  • Ranbirman says:

    It looks like a really good movie! Can’t wait to watch it. Natalie Portman looks amazing!!!

  • dannyq says:

    i watched the the movie, dvd is out in europe. in fact, it’s complete trash, besides a lot of love scenes which by far most fans will not approve. well, looks like BS will be her greatest work the next 5-7 years. lovin’ it.

  • achtung_natalie says:

    It seems kinda boring tbh. Natalie’s performance looks solid though

  • Chauster says:

    This does not look as bad as the critics at TIFF last year made it out to be…

  • DavidK says:

    dannyq, are you sure about the DVD? I’m in the UK and can’t seem to find it. Any help? Which title is the DVD released under?

  • Ashmiester says:

    The trailer had me tearing up for some reason.
    I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

  • dazza says:

    The TIFF reviews weren’t all that bad. Some pans but a few very positive ones as well.