Actress Race

I’ve got a couple interesting takes on the Best Actress Oscar race today. The first is a really nicely researched article on Tribeca Film, which has some interesting details, chiefly the excerpt I’m posting below.

Many factors play into each acting competition at the Oscars, but in the Best Actress competition, age is a curiously crucial force. No other acting category is less diverse, statistically speaking. Over 50% of the 83 Best Actress wins to date have come from women between the ages of 25 and 34. The most common winning age is actually 29.

Guess who is 29 right now?

Then there’s a considerably less interesting article from EW, which tries to address whether being pregnant could hurt or help Natalie’s Oscar chances. As they point out, women have won while pregnant and women have lost. Doesn’t seem it will play much of a part if any.