An eclectic mix of tidbits today. These posts used to contain bottom of the barrel scrapings but there’s so much quality news these days I’m using them more to just try and keep my head above water. So…

– Carlotto, being French, found a French poster for Thor. It’s sorta…exactly what you would expect. I was hoping he’d be chomping on a baguette at a cool little cafe or something 🙁

– NPortmanFan found video of most of Jake Gyllenhaal’s introduction and Natalie’s acceptance speech from the Palm Springs event. Both are definitely worth checking out.

– Finally, something really nice to see – a brief review of Natalie’s short film, Eve. Natalie wrote and directed the film but does not appear in it.

Eve is a wonderful short, and a really great insight into Portman’s qualities as a filmmaker. She uses the camera quite aptly, especially with those scene when we have Thirlby and Bacall all by themselves against the mirror.