First NSA Reviews

I didn’t even know Elle did reviews but they’re first out of the blocks with the No Strings Attached critiques. You’ll be pleased to know that they actually really enjoyed it.

If Emma were portrayed by almost any other actress, she’d be obnoxious. But even when she’s mouthing off, Portman brings an innate delicacy to the part; we sense the vulnerability ­behind all that tough talk.

The second review is much more important, as it comes from one of our own – Beatsbroken, who posted his thoughts on the forum. So far so not nearly as bad as we were fearing.

I’m very excited to say that I got to see “No Strings Attached” last night! A close friend of mine is a movie critic and offered to take me along to a screening because he knows how much I love Natalie. I should also mention there was a blizzard last night where I live.. I literally was walking in knee deep snow to get to the theater! The things I do for Natalie!

And now for the film… it’s better then I thought! I can’t say too much because technically we’re under embargo for the next 2 days. But what I can say is that the red band trailer is a much more accurate representation of the film then the green band trailer.

Also, I despise Ashton. A lot. But I actually found him to be somewhat lovable and funny at times. Although, I would have much rather had someone like Topher Grace or Jim Sturgess or someone like that in his role. There is just something about Ashton that irks me.

As for Natalie, she is really great! While her performance doesn’t even really compare to that of Nina in Black Swan, I couldn’t help but think that if this film had come a year from now when such an impeccable performance like Black Swan wasn’t still in everyone’s mind then maybe it would be appreciated a lot more. I’m a little afraid people will see this and have a hard time forgetting Black Swan and all of the Oscar buzz and will overlook what good comedic timing she has and how much she truly compensates for Ashton’s doucheness.

I am a little worried about how well this will do at the box office. A lot of the people at the screening talked afterwards and they all kind of said the same thing. It’s a little strange that Natalie is pregnant promoting a film about casual sex. Everyone agreed that even though the film is good, the timing of it is pretty horrible with the Oscar campaign for Black Swan going on and Natalie’s personal life changing so much! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!