NSA Reviews

Two big hitters No Strings Attached reviews have arrived, and no doubt many more will be following soon.

The Variety review is mixed, perhaps mixed-positive, wishing it pushed the boundaries a bit further. Natalie gets singled out for some praise.

As it is, “No Strings Attached” is content to be sweet rather than edgy, to make you go “awww” instead of “hmmm,” and in that respect, it more than fulfills its obligations as a commercial product. It also has a little something extra in Portman, who humorously and movingly charts her character’s gradual awakening to her true feelings; in a refreshing departure from the norm, neither actress nor script suggests that Emma’s independence and desire for intimacy are mutually exclusive values.

The Hollywood Reporter review is a bit more negative but also singles out Natalie.

So it’s left to Portman and a couple of the supporting actors to juice things up, which they do superficially but sufficiently to forestall total ennui. Portman supplies enough tensile strength to Emma that you really believe she doesn’t want emotional involvement and isn’t just pretending. While the actress (who’s also an executive producer here) doesn’t seem like a natural comedienne, her vibrant personality, not to mention her looks, insures that she’ll pop out of a crowd, even one made up of wisecracking comics and diverse physical types.