New Charity Project?

During the Dior launch we learned that Natalie was working on a new “educational philanthropy project”.

Now Natnat has found some tweets from Craig Kielburger, the founder of Free The Children, and it may tie into that project mentioned above.

Did you see Natalie Portman’s Black Swan? She’s helping us with a new contest – keep following to find out more

With Natalie Portman right now. She’ll be helping us advance education for girls in Africa. Stay tuned for new campaign!

Talking with Natalie Portman’s fiancé, Benjamin. He is gracious & supportive of her charitable passions

Left Natalie Portman & wished good luck at Oscars for Black Swan — ties to contest launching Feb with FreeTheChildren

Either way, its great that she now has some time to flex her charitable muscles again.