Nominee Luncheon

By February 7, 2011Nat-news

The Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon takes place today, and Natalie should be in attendance. You can see for yourself by tuning into streams on the Oscar site and their Facebook page, where you’ll be able to see the photo of the nominees, handing out of certificates and the press room.

Coverage starts at 14:30 EST.

Thanks to Garcy for the heads up.

UPDATE – Natalie just answered a couple brief questions in the press room.

UPDATE 2 – Photos of Natalie’s arrival are up at the gallery.


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  • cincy1234 says:

    Not sure if anyone has a video of it, but Nat got a mention on the opening skit of SNL over the weekend (although not sure if the joke is too inappropriate for the website…I suppose thats up to you to decide!)

  • revrezner says:

    wow got lucky logged on just minutes before natalie went on

  • revrezner says:

    oh and totally caught the joke and was amazed at the joke haha.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Yay! She went LAST. It JUST ended. caught the last 4…Nicole, Haileey, Jeff, and Natalie. What luck! She had a very quite dress on, pretty casual yet pretty, a nice understated look…another great choice as she has been during these last months. But she got asked the most RIDICULOUS questions. The press was only allowed two each.

    1. How hard it is finding dresses now that you’re pregnant?

    2. Second question came from a Twitter user that for some reason the press person decided to ask, “What drew you two the character.” AGAIN. For the millionth time. With the same answer as usual. Get some creativity guys! I know there are only so many questions you can ask but sheesh!

    Oh, it look like they might be re-showing it! Head on over to see!

  • omgzrachel says:

    Sick burn, Natalie.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Yup it’s definitely live streaming all over again. I gave the head’s up on the FB page but can’t remember if I did here.

  • jesslv74 says:

    It’s a nice look but not one of her best. I think it’s appropriate for the luncheon…also makes her look a bit smaller. I’m not quite sure what happened to that hemline though! Very pretty hair and natural makeup.

  • cuddlious1 says:

    Cincy-the SNL episode is streaming on Hulu. For those who can’t watch it, Dana Carvey is the host and the opening spot is a Wayne’s World skit where they make Oscar picks. Wayne says Natalie is so hot. Garth says she’s so hot “I could make a Mila out of her Kunis”.