– The LA Times has put together a strange Most Beautiful Women In Film list. It doesn’t just focus on the present day, but includes the likes of Hepburn and Bardot as well. That’s cool, but some of the choices are really bizarre. Beyonce Knowles, Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez? In any case, Natalie makes the list of 50. To find out where, click here.

– I can’t recall if I ever posted this Alica Keys tweet about Natalie and Black Swan.

“Have you seen Black Swan?….Whoa!!!!! Thats a mind blower….Shot so beautifully! one of those movies that wrap u up. Love Natalie Portman!”

– Gemma Arterton (the yummy Stawberry Fields in the last James Bond film) is also a big fan.

“I loved ‘Black Swan’ and I’ve always loved Darren Aronofsky. It reminded me of ‘Requiem for a Dream’. And Natalie Portman is incredible in it. I really loved it.”

– Rachel Hurd Wood (stunning in Perfume: Story Of A Murderer) is another young actress who looks up to Natalie.

Which movie star do you most admire?… “Natalie Portman. She’s a damn good actor. She’s not just about outfits and being photographed.”

– And lastly, People overheard a cute little exchange at the SAG Awards.

“We have to have playdates with the kids!”
– An expectant Natalie Portman, sharing the joys of motherhood with fellow new mom Nicole Kidman, on the SAG Awards red carpet