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By February 9, 2011Nat-news

Starting with Natalie’s latest visit to LAX, in which we see her bodyguard negotiate with the waiting paparazzi. Click here to check out the video.

Then Garcy also found a video of Natalie and Ben walking in New York. Ben doesn’t seem too perturbed but Natalie tells the paps to keep their distance. Unfortunately, that’s probably wishful thinking.


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  • Wr√≥belekElemelek says:

    Shy bull from beniamin !

  • rhea says:

    Poor woman.

  • natness says:

    Sick bastards. Why did I even watch this.

  • kafinsmif says:

    Once their baby is born, I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved to the country in upstate NY or something. Having everyone swarm you like that and know that you can’t do anything about it… I’m sure she’s thinking that she doesn’t want her kid(s) to have to deal with that. I wonder if she’s talked to Angelina Jolie about having kids with their lifestyle.

  • DayanaPortman says:

    I love the pictures of the paparazzi, but when I think of things that have to do to get the photos I feel so bad for her. This is horrible, and it gets worse when will have a child. =/

  • achtung_natalie says:

    Why are people interested in these pics anyway

  • Innatsthrall says:

    Yes, it’s annoying and unfortunate that she is bothered in this way. However, don’t feel too bad for her. She’s an “A-ister” and knows the only way to keep that paps as their called off of her is to quit the hollywood lifestyle. It’s a choice, she’s made it, and has to live with the what comes along with it. Ironically enough the paps do help these people stay in the public eye and interested.

  • dominik.doren says:

    I agree with WróbelekElemelek.. Shy bull from beniamin !

    instead of defend her, he enjoys.. =(

  • Jenski says:

    Innatsthrall – First off, there’s not been a single ounce of proof that being photographed by the paps actually helps your career, or that those pics being published in trash rags like People keeps people interested in you. Think of the most commonly photographed celebrities and you’ll see what I mean. Lindsay Lohan and Kim Whateverhernameis may enjoy the attention but I think we can all agree they are attention whores who agree to it and that there is a long way to go from Lohan to Portman. Secondly, I’m really not interested in apologism; some people like to see pics of celebs walking down the street and those people need to just admit it. They are not bothered by the invasion of privacy. Simple. People need to get over the idiotic “owed” argument, which I see more often than not. People like the control, the invasion, as some sort of weird reminder to the rich that they are dependent on ‘the little people’. An actress is a glorified party clown; you pay her money to be entertained. You are owed nothing beyond that entertainment. You have the right to not participate if those terms are unacceptable to you. Period. But people get really stuck up about the wealthy and it squicks me out the same as people getting weird about the poor. Claiming some sort of ownership over another person based on their income. Gross. An actress no more owes you an invasion of her privacy than I do and I can assure you my income is just as dependent on others as I’m sure yours is.

    (I’m not saying the arguments I’ve disagreed with are yours specifically.)

  • InNatsThrall says:


    If you work in the zoo you cannot be surprised if the monkeys throw poo at you. Natalie is a private person, but never has the celebrity industry been about privacy. The only way to have true privacy is not to be in it. As long as consumers “consume” this media it will exist, and it will ever be so. I do not think Natalie was in “Thor” for artistic value. It’s about money & exposure. Like everyone here I am quite fond of Natalie, but am not going to mewl for her about the downside of the celebrity life.

  • amo says:

    It’s a bit OT, but if you haven’t heard of (it’s about street harassment) yet – check it out. The way she said “keep your distance” really struck me – the website has loads of good tips, cos, realistically, even normal people get followed at least once in their life.

  • iluciouz says:

    wow i just laughed at myself for watching this

  • Jenski says:

    Why is privacy off limits when you’re famous? (Other than voyeurism.)

    Why did Portman sign on for Thor? The money, the fun, to convince studios she had appeal at the b.o. so they’d give her greater consideration? I get some people enjoy the attention the paps provide; Portman has never indicated in her body language, her voice, her actions, or her words that she enjoys it. And again: she as no reason to view it as useful to her career, because it isn’t, and so she has no reason to court that attention.

    Also, I’m not mewling. See, this is an interesting subject for me as my sister is a nurse and I don’t know if you know but nurses are, apparently, often stalked. A term, I’d like to point out, that was coined by the press to refer to the harassment that celebs suffer. Take the same behavior committed by the paps, apply it to a regular Joe and what do you have? A stalker. And do you honestly think regular Joe’s defense would be any different from the ones paps use? Probably it wouldn’t be.

    As for the zoo analogy – jesus – since when are the paps part of the film industry? They are hangers-on who’ve been around long enough people accept them as part of the industry. If the paps disappeared tomorrow do you really believe Hollywood would collapse? Please. The usual twits would disappear from view, that’s all. Portman volunteers for filming, promotional film shoots, long days, good pay, bad pay, asshole directors/coworkers, premieres, parties, boring press junkets, film festivals, tv interviews, magazine interviews and photoshoots – the legitimate version of pap photos.

    I seriously pity people who get something out of these photos and feel free to roll your eyes. She’s walking down a street. What’s the big fucking deal? Don’t have a window at your apartment/house? Why are these photos even interesting? No good reason I can come up with.

  • dazza says:

    Ideally paps should be restricted to certain events/areas. If you want the exposure or attention, as a celebrity you can choose to encounter it – much as Natalie accepts that when she goes to a public event she will be photographed and harassed by fans and media alike.