Here we go, to the show.

– UK visitors! If you want to see No Strings Attached FOR FREE, head over to this site and enter in this code – 629432 – you can possibly land yourself some tickets, just like Amo was able to. If you find yourself at the same screening as Amo, remember that she loves having popcorn thrown at her head.

– In Indiewire’s C- review of The Other Woman, they indicate that the film has been something of a success on Video On Demand.

VOD also enables the popularity of lackluster product driven solely by its intrinsic commercial appeal, a phenomenon epitomized by “The Other Woman.” Prior to its theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles, the movie has already become a sizable on-demand blockbuster, landing upwards of $1 million in ticket sales from home rentals, according to a report by Mark Olsen in the Los Angeles Times.

– Black Swan is now the highest grossing film about dance…even though its not really a dance film…and Saturday Night Fever would be much higher if you factor in inflation.